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Hello World.

In my life, I couldn’t imagine being happier at all. I am completely satisfied and content with how things are going. Thank you great controller of the world (whatever/who ever you are)

However, there is a spot in my heart that is completely disappointed in the girl of my class and at my school. They seem to have no respect for themselves and continue to do things only because that is either, “the cool thing to do” or their friends are doing it. Why can’t they just do what makes them happy? Or at least not be so..trashy. It amazes me the things girls will do for attention from boys. Or the fact that they will throw away peoples’ feelings just to hookup and look “cool.” 

Then there is the stupidity of multiple people. *echeemm* Well, let me just say, spelling isn’t that difficult. Neither is punctuation. Yet, certain people on the inter-web will disregard all spelling rules knowingly. And then, when someone tries to help them, they say “OMG I hate when people correct me blablabla” Ladies, take the help. You need it. Believe me. It will better how people see you. Don’t be so stubborn as to not let in any new ides what so ever. 

Ending on a positive note, my boyfriend, family, and friends are all amazing & I greatly appreciate all of them. :)

-The Feeling Ranter

It’s hard

To ignore the sly insults that slither by in the background noise.

To pretend like everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong.

To not talk to the person you love because they’re having the time of their life.

To be alone with the nagging of something being wrong with yourself and not being able to change it.

To not complain..


I am grounded. Until Friday that is. 

If I’m good…


My parents are acting like Santa…

Ho ho ho.

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